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In Response To Duncan Orr-Ewing (RSPB)

Duncan Orr-Ewing from RSPB wrote this article:

Here is our response, published in The Scotsman.


Duncan Orr-Ewing’s article contains a gross misrepresentation of grouse moor management in Scotland (‘Golden opportunity to consign illegal killing of birds of prey to the history books’, 12 Jan).

Raptors are thriving on Scotland’s grouse moors thanks to the hard work of gamekeepers, whose diligent management of moorland provides exceptional habitat and a plentiful food supply. By contrast, the RSPB’s management of the Lake Vyrnwy Nature Reserve in Wales (a former grouse moor) leaves much to be desired. The charity has invested vast sums of public money while presiding over catastrophic declines in curlew, black grouse and merlin – species that are abundant on grouse moors – and there are fears for the future of hen harriers and red grouse.

Perhaps the RSPB should consider its own impoverished track record of delivering for wild birds before castigating the good work of grouse moor managers."

Lianne MacLennan - National Campaigns Manager



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